Sunday, 28 July 2013

Somewhere in Scotland.. - Living in a Hiace Camper Van

Hi all,

I know you're probably wondering what has become of me out here.. Well this journey has turned out to be a real life changing time for me - well I might have guessed that before I set off, things would never be the same again.

I'm going to continue with the rest of the Scottish tour posts, and then move onto some new and exciting things - so many possibilities have arisen and many new ideas for sharing here. I thought you'd like to see some camping footage from earlier in the trip, so here's a new video link. There are also many hours of video to be edited and I'll be sharing the best bits in the future.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Butt of Lewis to South Harris (yes) – Tour de Scotland 2013 – Living in a Hiace Camper Van

I awoke this morning to a wild and beautiful seascape. Gazing out into the north atlantic, I thought about all the fantastical creatures and vast and rich life that forever lived beneath the ocean waves.. but one can't daydream forever – it was time to roll out of there and explore what lay further south. I am always happy to arrive in a new location, but just as passionate about getting back on the road, and onward toward new and yet to be revealed experiences and sights, people, weather and location, all blended with my subjective present..

The engine blasted to life, and I was soon bouncing along the Lewis roads and back first towards Stornoway to get in touch with some friends back home, and pick up a few supplies I hadn't thought of. In this part of the world, even a Tesco carpark has its quirks and characters, ready to spring forth at any moment..

Friday, 5 July 2013

Tolsta to Butt of Lewis - Scotland Tour 2013 - Living in a Hiace Camper Van

Welcome back! (I have a connection again so will continue with the journey from the point we left off...)

I started my day with this view over breakfast, in the little carpark at Tolsta Bay on the Isle of Lewis: