Friday, 20 December 2013

Iain McKell - 'The New Gypsies' photography

While we are all spending time upgrading and preparing our camper vans for the next trip, there are some who have decided to abandon their motorised homes on wheels for a much more old fashioned or you might say 'traditional' way of living on the road.

A while ago I posted about new age travellers in the 90's and shared a video of an old 'World in Action' documentary about their lifestyle, and the conflicts taking place between travellers, local residents, and the police in England at that time.

Well, photographer Iain McKell has been putting together a project on a group of new age travellers, who have made the choice of 'returning' to the horse drawn gypsy caravan as their dwelling place. This smaller group are somehow managing to live in todays world in this old and simple way. Take a look at the photos – I'm sure you'll agree that Iain has captured some of the magic and beauty of that simple way of living.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hiace Hobo site updates

Hi folks, 

I wanted to let you know of a few updates to the site. 

Vans For Sale page

Some of you may have already noticed the 'Vans for Sale' tab up there on the top right. This page features all the latest listings on eBay of Hiace Campers for sale. The newest listings are at the top. If you're on the lookout for a Hiace Camper, just bookmark this page, and you'll always be one click away from seeing the latest ones coming up for sale. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

2014 plans | Robs 4WD Hiace Camper Van | Winch fitting and Suspension lift

Welcome back!

Well, its coming towards the end of 2013, and the time has come to start planning ahead for adventures in the year to come. I've been working away here in Portugal, saving, and I haven't been covering too many miles, so naturally my mind wanders on to what might be next for me and the Hiace..

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Wild Camping Spots Map & GPS downloads for Europe

Hi folks,

I recently came across something really fantastic on a Spanish website. Its an interactive map of wild camping locations all over Europe. The locations have been submitted mostly by Spanish campervaners and there are photos and articles on most of them on the pages forum. The map is really well laid out, with all locations marked clearly. If there's more than one good spot in an area they are numbered, and zooming in guides you to the exact locations. A really great find for anyone planning a trip through Europe who prefers wild camping over campsites. There are also locations listed that have facilities too, including many of the European 'Aires' which are free camping spots with limited facilities. I stayed at one of these locations in Spain on my way to Portugal - in Palencia. Here's the link to the map:

Friday, 13 December 2013

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Jeff - Living the Van Life in the Algarve Portugal | Iveco Camper Van self conversion

On Sunday, I had the good fortune to meet a fellow van dweller and traveller, Jeff, from the north east of England. I'd stopped at a wild camping location and had a chat with him over a cup of tea in the sunshine. At nearly six years into the lifestyle, Jeff wasn't looking back, and was enjoying his second winter on the Portuguese south coast.