Friday, 31 January 2014

Hiace Camper bodywork repair pictures | Update on work in Portugal

Hi folks,

I got these photos of my van sent through from the mechanic today. I'm still waiting for the repairs to be completed and asked for some photos. It seems that the main bodywork repairs are done - it just needs painting and assembly now. The first picture shows the drivers side door. It was not closing properly after the accident as the hinges were all crushed in and the door was bent. Looks straightened out ok now. It also looks like he's fixing a small area where there was a bit of rust behind the drivers door around the air intake, that was not caused in the crash..

Sunday, 12 January 2014

'Summer of (Family) Love' - A Film by Kirsten Dirksen

You may have come across Kirsten Dirksen before on Youtube, especially if you are regularly taking a look at the latest van living videos. Her posts on the 'tiny house movement' often come up alongside them because of the crossover with living in a smaller space, and the ties with simplicity and sustainability. Well her latest feature length documentary is well worth watching. Kirsten and her partner Nicholas Boullosa have filmed their experiences travelling and living in a 1981 VW Westfalia camper van for a summer with their three children. Here's the trailer:

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Thoughts on the New Year..

2014 is here.. I've had several conversations over the holidays about how the turn of the year is a time when people start over, really think deeply about their lives, and sometimes make huge personal decisions and actions that will change their future..

In the philosophy of van life, making the decision to live on the road, takes us beyond this once a year 'taking stock' and releases us into a new world where this is almost a perpetual state of being. Life can be reinvented month to month, week to week, and on a trip, day by day..

It's from this perspective that I'll share with you some recent events in my own life that though challenging, lead me into the new year with anticipation, optimism and a new appreciation of my chosen lifestyle..

You may wonder why the blog has been relatively quiet, yet I'm in a new world, with many beautiful things to experience & camping spots to enjoy. Well, quite some time ago this happened: