Tuesday 12 February 2019

Mountain Retreat | Do you really need 4WD? | España 2019

Is it really worth having a 4WD van for all the times you will use it?
Camping down a steep track.. 

Journal notes..

That's the way we came..

We climbed the hill behind the camp..

Every window commands awesome views..

A peaceful evening, moment by moment..

Next day we hiked to the other side of the valley.. View towards Carboneras, and beyond... 

Enjoying our 'veranda'..

It's a common question, is it really worth having a 4WD van, considering you do most of your travelling on roads?
The answer for me anyway is yes, especially if you enjoy solitude and remote places..
Even up here on the main route, some days I saw a couple of hikers, a mountain biker, or the odd farm vehicle,
But down a steep dead end service track like this, not a soul will disturb my peace..
It's also of course an adventure getting here.. 
There's nothing like crawling up a stony track with low gears whining, four soft tyres biting into the dirt..
Then settling into the silence, gazing onto expansive vistas, 
and dark silent nights, only the sound of the wind..
See you again soon 👋🏻

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