Friday, 28 December 2012

Winterising the van ~ part deux

You've probably all seen those silver window insulators that many motorhomers have in their front windows at night? Well, with all the glass in my bus, its going to be losing a lot of heat through the windows. I recently found out about aluminium foil bubble wrap insulation that can be bought from hardware and DIY centres, and decided to do some much needed window insulation in the back of the van. It turned out that a 6 metre roll of this stuff costs less than £10 at B&Q at the minute, so I got to work yesterday evening.

I decided to do all the rear windows, except for half of the sliding door window and the rear gate window - this gives me enough light during the day, along with the skylight, and leaves me good visibility while driving. It ended up being a simple job to fit it flush within all the window frames, cutting with a craft knife, and easing it into place with a teaspoon; no glue or taping required. There was enough left on the roll to put a second layer, loose, behind the curtains on the two biggest windows.

It turns out to have 4 main advantages:
1. Helps keep the van warmer.
2. Stops condensation forming on the windows.
3. Makes the van quieter on the inside.
4. Makes things more private (people can't see the lights on from outside).
I didn't realize about 3 & 4, they were an added bonus for me - I noticed after fitting it.
I made a video showing you the windows all insulated - also look out for the damage done by some idiot with too much to drink on Christmas eve..

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