Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hiace Hobo 2.0 | Bodywork repairs

Amazing news today.. My van will be ready to collect by friday! The repairs are all but finished and its looking really good. These pics were sent through to me today...

It looks like a really solid rebuild, and a great paint job too. I am really happy to get these photos and the news. This means that I'll collect the van on Friday and then spend the weekend taking my time on the way back to the Algarve, taking in some great locations on the way. I've already picked out a few places to check out, and a few good camping spots as well. So, plenty more to come here on the website too. I've waited quite a while for this, and its a great feeling to be starting a new life again. I hope you're all well out there, and enjoying your plans as springtime approaches. Its been great to hear from people in recent weeks, about their new campers and their plans. If you've got any good news, travel plans, or some photos of your van, leave a comment or send me a message.

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  1. Wow that's great new Chris. The truck sure does look well, enjoy you drive back to the Algarve, cant help but feel a wee bit envious of the trip. Cheers for now .Rob

  2. Thanks man, yes really looking forward to it. Hopefully see you in this part of the world soon..

  3. Hi Chris, the van looks really good, fantastic mobile again, looking forward to more adventures from you.

  4. Thanks Alan, I'm sitting in it now - great to be home, finally! Back to peaceful times - nothing like the peace and timelessness of van life. Heading south again today. Where are you now?