Thursday, 27 August 2015

Toyota Hiace 4WD/2WD Air Intake SNORKELS - Currently Not Available

I've had many enquiries about the air intake breather snorkel on my 4WD Toyota Hiace van..

Beach driving in the West of Ireland

I'm very happy to announce that we now have a limited number of snorkels available for sale, here in the UK. 

The air intake snorkel is an important 4WD accessory. Essentially, fitting one results in the engine drawing in cooler, cleaner air from above, as well as protecting the intake from sucking in dust, dirt,  sand and spray, typical when driving off-road or on tracks and trails, or beaches. It also provides essential protection if you are ever in a position to ford a river to continue safely on your journey. Of course it'll give your vehicle that 'ready to meet any challenge' 4x4 look.

 The snorkel fits in place of the existing air intake grille, held in place with two screws. The upper edge is attached to the roof rail. Fitting is easy - a 15 minute job. Full instructions will be provided.

 The snorkel viewed on its outside face, showing its robust construction - my own has taken quite a few knocks, no problems.

The snorkel's inside face showing the intake mount, to right in the picture.

This snorkel will fit all Toyota Hiace models, including 2WDs. If you'd like to purchase one of these just follow this link to our Webshop.


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