Sunday, 21 January 2018

Níjar to Tabernas off road route

high 22°, low 11°
Bright Sunshine
Altitude: 531m
Distance covered: 2267 miles

We spent the night in Níjar, a small town just into the Sierra Alhamilla range. A handy place to get a few groceries from one of the small supermercados there, and already some nice views. The plan was to follow a route from here, through the mountains, and down onto the desert plains near Tabernas, where the spaghetti westerns were shot.

It was a great trip. First climbing into mountains with spectacular views first on a narrow road, and then off road tracks..

Climbing out of the village..

After descending onto the plain by a minor road, the track then leaves the road to reach Tabernas by gradually more interesting dirt tracks and the rambla (dry river bed).

Narrow dirt tracks pass interesting dwellings..

Navigating using a route from

Half way along the way I spotted a great place to spend the night I could get back to via the main road after the route to Tabernas. It would also be possible to stop half way at the camp spot or finish the route and return there by road as I did. A great days off roading!

I used the App, Wikiloc to search for good off roading routes in the Tabernas area, as well as to navigate the terrain. If you look on the website you can find me - username: Hiace Hobo, this route and any others I do will be saved there.

Details of the route including map of the terrain and altitude throughout the drive.

Thanks for following along!

Get in touch if you're in the area..

Have a good one!


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