Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Morning in the Woods

Who needs levelling ramps?!
I usually find blocks of a suitable size lying around when I need to level the van - it's better than falling out of bed at 2am!

Photos all from this morning where we spent the majority of the day..

Weekly hair wash..

Although it was quite a chilly morning the water from the spring was not at all cold. Again locals continued to arrive during hate morning to fill bottles of this special water. Rio had got a piece of wood stuck in his eye, so I washed it out and cleaned it s water - he's doing well 🙂

..with luke warm water from the spring

 This was another one of those places where I could have stayed on for a few days.. Very peaceful place. So many places are like this on my travels.

Thanks for following along!

Get in touch if you're in the area.. I am enroute to Valencia, then set a course due south..

Have a good one!

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