Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Adventure Begins...

Red hair
Spring has arrived and the weather is beautiful here in Ireland. So yesterday I threw most of my life in a skip, and embarked on a new journey ~ living in my camper. The plan has been in place since January, and I’ve made all the arrangements, and finally got to the point of moving out of my apartment. No more rent, electric, gas, internet/phone bills for me, its propane cooking and 12v battery power from now on. That means ~ lots money to do what I like, and travel around. This is me driving away after throwing away a van load of stuff… YouTube video here:
Today I fitted the bike rack and tested my old BMX from the 80′s on it. (I’ll be using it to get around in the city to save diesel.) A bigger bike will come later if I need to cover longer distances. More cycling = more fuel saved = cheaper living. The BMX will be lots fun ~ I used to ride a lot back then.

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