Sunday, 1 April 2012

World average wage

Wow, I just found out today that I earn almost exactly the worlds average monthly wage of $1480 p/m. This is very interesting I think, especially in relation to this lifestyle choice. There have got to be so many variables to take into account, so I’ll just leave this as a point for you to ponder on. I am a single person, which opens up possibilities that are simply not possible for people with children on a similar income, or living in different cultural circumstances for example. If you want to see where you fall on the scale take a look here.
So, today has been spent removing the final items from my flat, and cleaning the place thoroughly ~ so I’ll get my deposit back in full. Its been a busy day, but the feeling of driving off for the last time was wonderful :-) As I drove off I played this on the stereo, turned up loud:
Gotta have a good theme tune for these times in life! ;)
So first night ‘moved out’ ;) ~ I’m parked outside a friends place so gotta be vague about location.. But nice n quiet and by the sea. Also stealth camping, so the van looks unoccupied. Very cosy in here – its around 9 deg C outside, so very comfortable inside. I’m exhausted after spending the day lifting stuff and cleaning, then work til midnight so over and out.

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