Saturday, 14 April 2012

Enchanted Evening

It has been a beautiful afternoon and evening, and a great last few days. I have videos from the last few days, but I need a better wifi connection to upload them, so that’ll have to wait. So much happens, if I don’t post it soon, or miss a day or two, then there is always something new happening to add, and things get missed. So here are a few photos from this afternoon and evening ~ I just spent the time relaxing and looking at the view.. I didn’t even have to ponder on the events of my life ~ there is already more than enough time to do that..
It was warm enough at this parking spot, really.
Amazing place to stop, the vista was unbelieveable.
View from my kitchen this evening.
Sunset from a reclined position :p
Cattle after sunset..
From here I could see across most of South Down to the Mourne mountains. Watch the falcons scanning the fields for prey, and butterflies are already dancing in pairs in the sunlight, while birdsong echos through the woods behind. Enchanted evening..

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