Thursday, 26 April 2012

Updates and more inspirational stuff

Time for a few more thoughts and updates. First of all, I have discovered a new way to set up my seating that gives a really spacious feeling and creates a ‘corner suite’ in the van ~ great for relaxing. Using the extra bed cushion as a side back rest works really well like this with the rear seat folded flat. Its great for relaxing during the day, having guests, and gives me an extra place to sit in the kitchen too: (click to enlarge)
Myself and a few friends are preparing to make our annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, via Glencoe next month, so I have set myself the challenge of walking to the top of Cavehill in Belfast, twice a week to get into better shape. Its a good training for mountain walking, being a long steady slog to the top, followed by a steep decent, and with time to enjoy the view at the top, and a leisurely pace, its a two hour round trip, perfect for a morning or afternoon outing. Here’s a nice shot from my last visit, looking out over Belfast lough: (click to enlarge)
I want to share this video from JeffTheCanuck2 on YouTube as it was my first real inspiration to think about moving into the van full-time. After this I watched his series of video adventures and got seriously inspired. Thanks Jeff for your positive attitude, neighbourly spirit, and for sharing your Westfalia adventures. Lets see, in time I might start appearing in my own videos ;)

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