Friday, 22 June 2012

Derry, Londonderry in my camper van

In April, I was up in the North West of Ireland seeing some friends, and generally traveling about. Its a beautiful part of the world, and also has a colourful political history. For those of you from outside N.Ireland this might be interesting to see. I took a drive through the Cregan & Bogside areas of Derry city as it is today, and filmed some of the murals and the famous ‘You are now entering Free Derry’ gable wall:
An article about the history of this area can be read here. I can highly recommend a visit to the north west, and there’s lots to see and do in and around the city of Derry, and in crossing over into county Donegal, the city being the gateway to the wonders to be seen in this part of Ireland.

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