Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Inspiration and Strangford trip

Of course I’d encourage anyone to take this step.. A few weeks in and things are going very well. I’ve traveled around quite a bit locally ~ no major trips yet due to still working full time. I have open invites to many friends to use facilities, got a selection of wifi passwords around the city, and I’m feeling more and more comfortable about places to park for the night. People generally mind their own business – the only people who come and speak to me are camper van enthusiasts! I just avoid the thoroughfares where the flow of people goes after closing time ;) Also I’ve been getting busy so haven’t kept the blog going so much recently. I’m recently back from a round trip through Strangford – Ards Peninsula – here’s a shot from one of my overnight stays: (click to enlarge)
Its amazing not being tied to any location for ‘home’ as I drive my house around.. If I have a couple days off work I can basically go anywhere within a days drive away, and there are many many places. For a little bit of inspiration I follow a couple of guys on YouTube. One of them has just set off on a months trip and today uploaded this: enjoy ;)

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