Monday, 2 April 2012

Day 2

Breakfast this morning cooking… ;-)
I spent today resting, having a few drinks with my friend to celebrate the new beginning. Then resting, preparing meals is a slower and more relaxing experience :-) Also, I really felt like going to bed as soon as it got dark just after 8pm so I did. Yawn..
It’s 3:50am and I have woken up to the sounds of gentle rain drumming on the skylight. It’s right above my head, so I can open it a little to let cool fresh air in :-) It all feels very still and peaceful to lay here. I can also hear traffic passing on a nearby road, and there is a shadow that looks like an eagle on the back curtain. It’s surprisingly warm sleeping in the roof, though the outside temp is 7degC. The house battery ran low before bed earlier, but it’s easy to keep an iPhone charged up, hmmm. I’m not in the least bit annoyed to be awake at this time :-)

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