Monday, 9 April 2012

Wet days

So yesterday I attended the zazen sitting in the morning and then spent time with friends.. It was fun riding around town on my BMX – I really wish I’d made an on-board video of that – I’ll have to do that again.. Then spend time resting and playing guitar in the afternoon before going to work for a night shift. I had problems with my computer yesterday, because my house battery had not charged properly the night before – for some reason the trip switch had tripped and it wasn’t getting charged. It worked fine last night though.
Today I parked up in the morning outside a friends place, and slept for a few hours, then we went out for lunch and a drink in a local bar. The weather has been wet the past couple of days and the forecast is not much better for the next week. Yet, since I have a night off work I have driven to another area and am spending the night in a peaceful place beneath some trees – there is a beautiful smell of spring blossoms in the air tonight. I’ve been working on making some tattoos for second life on the computer this evening using Gimp software. No pics or videos since the weather has been so wet and I haven’t been out much.

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