Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Four sachets to add!

Today has been quite a day for me for a number of reasons… First of all, when I awoke this morning – winter was back.. we even had sleet today :) So once I was out of bed it was pretty cold in the van. So, I went and sat meditation with my friend this morning and had coffee, then thought that a swim, sauna and shower would be just the ticket for the day. Sports centre membership is just the thing for getting showers and the like when yo don’t have a shower or bath of your own, and believe me, you enjoy it all the more :-)
For lunch today I went into the Asian supermarket and for 65p picked up a instant noodle soup bowl thingy ~ thinking I’d combine it with some wholemeal bread I had. My god! when I opened it there were no less than four different little packets to add to it! One even contained dried seaweed (well i only knew that once it was ready and it became seaweed again!) Anyway, it tasted ok for a quick experimental lunch.
So winter is making a last attempt to overcome spring.. Its now around 5 deg, and I’m safely in bed with my hot water bottle, in the roof of the van, this time in an undisclosed location in the city – I do manage to pick up free WiFi wherever I stop, I’ll say more about that sometime in a future post. It is really cold out, but I think its due to get warmer again later in the week – I hope. I also got news today that changes the course of my plans for the next number of months, so gotta ponder on that, but it wont affect the flow of things here.
I’ll leave you with a snippet from earlier today – the weather…

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