Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kitchen Day

I started off today by deciding to live in the kitchen, not the living room, hehe. So this is what my kitchen looked like: (click to enlarge)
Its great to be able to change the seating around to have a bit of variety. So i had breakfast and coffee here, and then set to work organizing all the stuff I have in storage. It all came together very smoothly and was not as big a job as it first appeared to be. Feels great to have everything sorted out and accessible too. I then took all the books I didn’t want to keep to Barnardos and donated them. I then had work this afternoon.
Right now I’m parked up at an undisclosed location in the City, but its only  a few paces from where I plan to meet a friend for coffee in the morning, nice :) Its very calm and quiet in this street, but it took me a while to find the best spot, close but not too well lit or on a busy street for cars and late night pedestrians. Its pretty exciting doing this, and i’ll be doing a post sometime soon about things I learn about not drawing any unwanted attention at night.
Night all ;-)

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