Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Peace & Quiet

Today there was some sun so I just had to connect up the solar panel temporarily – how can i waste this strong sunlight – lol : ) Anyway, its a great feeling knowing its charging away dawn to dusk when the van is parked anywhere. It was reading ‘battery-full’ for a while earlier, but I’ve been listening to music and using the laptop a bit since that, happy days!
I saved a picture from a while back that I wanted to share, along with its story, so last night wrote a great post about it and the whole damn thing disappeared when I tried to upload it – writing and all – that has got to be the most frustrating thing about technology, grrrr! So take two:
A few weeks ago, I had been spending a lovely sunny afternoon by the river, it was one of those humid hot days where the cool riverside air is so refreshing and still, that you could just sit there for hours, and I did. Later, I decided to park by a deserted playing field to cook dinner, and leave my side door open with the evening sunlight streaming in, the breeze keeping me cool, and not a soul in sight.
So there I am relaxing as the pot bubbles away, looking forward to my meal, when I hear loud music and clamoring voices. This van had pulled up beside me:
Look at that! One by one a whole Romanian football team of car wash attendants was piling out of it, ready to invade the peaceful scene! They parked right beside my van for easiest access to the green, away from the big nets. Of course I couldn’t move away with the gas on and dinner nearly ready, so I just had to switch my peace and quiet for a different kind of entertainment, haha : ) They were friendly, equally bemused by who it could be chilling out in the camper van at their football training spot : )

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