Monday, 2 July 2012

Solar panel on a Hiace Hitop camper van

Recently a friend has lent me a much better bike for going about on, so I dont have to use as much fuel, and can stay in one spot for a few days if I like. Of course this means my electricity runs out after a few days, especially if using the computer a lot. So, the solution, 80 watts mounted on the roof with stainless pipe fittings and aircraft fasteners. This is actually a portable panel, so it can be removed and folds in half, has latches and a carrying handle. Its permanently mounted now though.
I’ll post more pics showing how I have it hinged at the front, and wing nuts release it at the back – it can be angled up to 45 deg to capture more sunlight when I’m parked up for a few days. I’ve also installed a very good needle gauge type volt meter so I can always see the house battery condition. So now – just to get the cable connected. A local motorhome guy will be fitting my kayak roof bars soon, and he’ll put the cable through the roof and seal it when we are installing the brackets.
Its a strange feeling having the panel there, but not connected yet – feels like wasted sunlight every day, as soon as the sun rises! Once its wired in – it’ll basically be trickle charging the battery, all day every day, from dawn to dusk, keeping me topped up. A good feeling : )
Update: I’ve recently added this video to Youtube describing my solar system in detail:
Thanks for looking!

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