Sunday, 2 June 2013

Last day in N Ireland - Living in a Hiace camper van

Another great day! - and I'm now off on my journey, still in N Ireland, but I've left Belfast and ready for the morning ferry to Scotland..

Today has been a great day of farewells - meeting up with friends, and seeing some I haven't seen in a while too.

I had breakfast with friends in Belfast and enjoyed catching up with their news after some time.. Thanks for breakfast, good conversation, and your hospitality Leo & Teresa!

Later I met another friend, Mark, to learn how to make Soda farls in the camper van. We filmed the whole thing too, so there'll be a video on YouTube once I get time to edit it.. Here's a shot of one of our farls:

This evening I set off in the direction of Ballymena where I'd been invited for a farewell meal. We had great chats about travels and campers, had a beer, then an amazing roast dinner! I took a shower too before setting off - thanks Herbie, Georgie & family for everything!

Now I've parked up in a great location just 15 mins from the Larne docks, by a forest, with an amazing view:

I've got a pretty early boat so time to hit the sack, nite all..

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See you soon..

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