Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dunbeath to Invershin | Scotland Tour 2013 | Living in a Hiace Camper Van

I set off from Dunbeath in the rain, after not exactly rushing to get ready. I was able to take a good shower, and top up all my water containers, have a good breakfast and get on the road again. I drove all the way to Brora; there were some great views out over the North Sea, and some great light on the water, in between showers.

It was still raining at Brora, so I stayed in and had lunch while listening to the radio – wet weather on the road means driving and mealtimes are the main focus of the day, so its good to have a well stocked larder. I'm now using my fridge more like a larder as the temperature at night is maintained in there during the day, and I don't need to run the gas all the time.

I soon hit the road inland, and was rewarded with a good change in the weather, more shelter, and some amazing scenery along the banks of Loch Brora..

I kept on track for the 'crossroads of the north' – Lairg, from there I'd decide the next overnight stop. It was turning out to be a really pleasant evening, I love this time of day, when the sun is lower, and a calm comes over the subjective world. After studying my map of the highlands, I decided to take a look at a nearby place called Falls of Shin.

On the B road to this place, I noticed a number of different places to stop along the River Shin. After driving a few miles along the road, I pulled in to a spot I just couldn't pass by. It was a great place, really close to the river, and nicely tucked away from the road, out of sight of the few passers by that there were..

After driving all day, and having been pretty much in the van most of the time for a few days, I took advantage of the pleasant evening to take a walk – I was starting to feel a bit lethargic, and knew that a good half hour walk would really put me right again. I put on my still damp walking boots and started along the river side track.

It was a really refreshing walk, and I enjoyed being in the fresh air and back among the pines again. I got a good look at the waterfall itself and checked out the official parking area, well laid out even with a covered barbecue area, and a playground for children. There were a few people staying in a big motorhome in the car park. Down by the river I watched a fly fisherman below the falls..

Back at the van later, I felt relaxed, thanks to the walk, and I spent the evening reading, after cooking up a great chilli, and rice, while studying the map planning tomorrows travels.

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