Monday, 17 October 2016

Van life log

Sunday 16th Oct 2016
Gairloch, Highland
Weather, dry, clear spells
Temp, max 16°, last night low 5°

Old Road Gairloch

Parked up in the harbour car park. Rio and I have been for a walk up the old road in the Gairloch Estate. Earlier we saw a traveller friend off on his journey South. We'll see him again in the Picos, North Spain in three weeks time. Two weeks of work remaining, so one more weekend here ahead.

View from Gairloch Harbour

Monday 17th Oct 2016 1:05pm
Kishorn, Highland
Weather, rain, clear spells
Temp, max 16°, last night low 9°

Today I'm at work, at the Kishorn Burial Ground. I've been cutting the grass here; working alone today as both workmates are on holiday. I've been contemplating how I'll spend the time between finishing work on the 28th, and catching the ferry in Plymouth (over a week). Also the exchange rate.. How low is the £ going to go?

On my 'commute' 'home'

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  1. Not only how low will the pound go, but when the dust settles after brexit, how easy will it be for UK citizens to travel / work / live this lifestyle in Europe?