Friday, 6 January 2017

Stage 12 | The Estrada Atlântica to Nazaré

3:06pm, Nazaré
Temp 14°c, low was 6°

The latest stage of the journey was driving the route 'Estrada Atlântica'..
.. through the pine & eucalyptus forests, then along the Atlantic coast to Nazaré (say 'nuza-ray')..

What a drive, along almost the empty smooth, scenic route which I was following for the first time. We stopped at Vieira in the warm sunshine for lunch, where the river estuary meets the sea, picture at top. Then it was on along the cliff tops to the big wave surfing destination of Nazaré. Yesterday afternoon we watched the surfers being pulled in by jet ski to catch the waves - there are photos of this in my 2015 article from Nazaré.

This morning Rio and I walked along the beach, then up to the viewpoint at the fort/lighthouse. From there we saw this great view of the bay and Nazaré town itself beyond the cliffs. This is also the spot where fans gather to watch the big wave surfing events. See here for some photos of what I'm talking about.. Big Wave Surfing at Nazaré.

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