Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Useful Motorhome / Campervan Insurance info for EU, Morocco travel abroad | Adrian Flux

Some useful pieces of information to know regarding your motorhome / campervan insurance, when travelling in the EU, or planning a trip further afield..

The following is correspondence I have gathered up from my insurer, Adrain Flux Insurance. I am often asked to provide this info in emails I receive. I also see that such matters are often discussed on forums, so maybe these emails will provide some clarity for some people out there:

That's approx 6 months outside the UK.

Do not SORN your van while travelling!

Morocco cover at no additional cost! Good to know..

By the way I am not an affiliate, or in anyway advertising the company. This info is provided purely for those asking questions about insurance while abroad. Also, obviously these answers only apply to this insurer; check with your own directly as I did to get an answer you can rely on.

See you soon!

Chris & Rio

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