Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Careless Freedom

'Envy not for once, my noble friend, my careless freedom. Satisfaction can be got wherever there is heart's peace.' Ryokan

We spent an enjoyable afternoon hanging out with Adi, and Mello from Switzerland..

These guys have been about a bit in their vans, having not long returned from a long trip in North Africa.

Yes, that's a white Hiace, 30 years old, you heard me right, driven by Adi, just one of its adventures was when it was afloat in a flash flood - I have seen the video! Being a Toyota of course, it started pretty easily after a bit of cleaning up afterward.

125cc Suzuki on the back of the Hiace

Preferring to set up camp in the wilder spots, the lads can leave their base, and head off on the motorcycles to further explore the area, or just get some shopping in. A reasonably simple bit of engineering to build the motorbike rack.

VW Syncro time.. Mello's van carries a Monkey Bike piggyback, again the stainless steel rack he has built himself, along with the pop-up roof.. It has hard sides to it, not canvas. He says, 'As a kite-surfer I often stay in places where it's windy, and I don't want to live in a tent.'

We had a good bit of conversation about our travels, and the vehicles we live in, but more importantly, these lads really know how to take it easy on a sunny day.. I hope we run into them again soon.

Plenty happening here down south,

No doubt I'll have something more to say soon enough..

Adeus for now, amigos!

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