Thursday, 1 December 2016

Stage 17 | to coast near Porto Covo

1:05pm, Coast near Porto Covo
Temps, now14°c, last night 12°c

On (off) the road again..

We're presently sitting out a powerful thunderstorm at our camp on the cliffs in the shelter of some big rock formations..

I just got caught out in the shower tent whenever the latest one hit, and quite windy too. My tent was leaning over as I tried to get rinsed and inside the van again, bending the tent under the rear door to slam it, and then hurrying to get dressed and out and retract the awning.. There are powerful cracks and rumbles of thunder, and blinding flashes of lightning; very heavy rain.

Our camp with natural shelter..

Jimmy and I set off yesterday from our remote camp and after negotiating the dirt road we were soon on the back roads towards Sines (sin-esh). We stocked up at a Lidl there, were I met Anita and Ricardo in their yellow VW in the car park. Hi folks and I hope you got a good spot to stay in Porto Covo.

En route south again..

After making another couple of stops for fuel and water we motored on out beyond Porto Covo ourselves to this great spot. It's the sort of place you can set up a bit of an outdoor camp, awnings out, tables chairs and outdoor cooking. As I mentioned I set up my shower out under the hatchback and took a good shower before the storm drove me inside.

Water collected from the awning during the rainstorm

I took advantage of the showers to refill my water containers - it can really save a bit of time and a few kms detour going to fetch water later. I got about 25 litres in no time.

Thanks for following folks!

I hope you're enjoying the journey.

Want to know anything, or suggest places I should go, comment below..

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