Sunday, 27 November 2016

Stages 15 & 16 | to Comporta and Praia da Aberta Nova

7:49pm, Praia da Aberta Nova
temp 13°c, high today, 18°c
Mostly sunny
Settling in for the night, the sun having not long set at this beautiful beach.

I met up with Jimmy yesterday at Comporta after bypassing the busyness of Lisbon, and heading out onto the coast once more. It's already getting noticeably warmer as I get further south into the Alentejo. I have really been looking forward to this stage of the journey as the climate is milder, and I'll be revisiting familiar places, stopping a couple of days if it's sunny.

Yesterday and today's camps on the Alentejo Coast below Lisbon

At Comporta we did our catching up and talking about our travels over the last year and a bit. Jimmy's from Sweden and drives a more modern Toyota Hiace van - more on that soon, but today we had an exciting drive together South, then out a sandy road to the coast..

I've been here twice before, both times on my own. As you can see its an endless peaceful place, with a real feeling of being well away from any sense of haste or activity, other than the sounds of the sea and some gannets, scanning the ocean for fish far below them.

I took a walk on the beach with Rio just before sundown, and I was the only person on the beach for as far as can be seen north or south. There is not a lot more to be said, as this is not a place for thinking too much. More soon but now I'm getting back to my flickering candle and putting my feet up.

Take care out there, wherever you are..

Sleep well..

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