Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Stage 11 | Return to Mira

Praia de Mira, Portugal
Tues 22nd Nov, 11am
Temp: 14°c, last night 5°c

Back in Mira, where I last visited in April 2015..

..on my long trip north along the coast. This is the first place in Portugal this year that I have returned to for the second time, so on arrival I parked in the exact spot for lunch and observed the memories drifting back.

It was was a fantastic drive here yesterday, from our previous forest encampment, and to be honest, hard to leave such a great place with promise of sunshine on its way.. We left the camp via the sandy tracks in 4WD. Shot a bit of video footage which I'll include when I get a wifi connection. Great fun! Then into high range and back onto tarmac for the remainder of the straightforward run to Mira.

A stop at a service station to top up water supplies and a run around the shop for food, and it was on to the coast here. It was quite a chilly night here, and I had the heater on as I cooked my chilli chicken wing stir fry, listening to blues & Jazz on the local radio, crashing waves ever present in the background..

..Now I'm stretching out on a bench taking in the rays and watching the waves whilst Rio digs holes in the sand. Rab's full on sunbathing..

A beautiful morning!

Thanks for following along!

There'll be regular updates as this journey continues..

Bom dia!

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