Saturday, 12 November 2016

Stage 4 - Onwards through the Spanish Peaks

Ponferrada, Leon, Espania
Temp 13°c, Max today 14.6°
Overcast Day

Stopping to look over the edge..

A fantastic days travelling in our Hiaces.. We set off from Entrago about 11:30 this morning and within ten minutes had stopped again at the gorge in the picture at the top. We crossed on foot over and followed the camino a way up hill to look at the views, Rio scampering ahead. It passed spectacularly through tunnels in the rock.

Mountain pass.. a long steep drive (Route LE-481, 43.05856, -6.00421)

The roads got smaller and twisted along on our chosen route and soon we were climbing steeply for what must have been an hour with amazing views and sharp hairpin corners. We reached the snow line and kept climbing up and up until the mountain pass was reached at approx 5500ft. We celebrated the climb by smoking a cigar as we chatted with a Spanish biker. Rio was racing after a stick in the snow..

The descent was long and led into some pretty remote rural areas - almost no traffic on the roads, and cattle being driven along by farmers and some of the enormous Spanish herding dogs. At one point we were stuck behind these horses being led to a fresh pasture..

The final stage of today's journey descended further - we had still been at 4000ft in the pasture - and we entered a rio valley with dams and much mining activity along the route. The drizzly weather added an extra ounce of atmosphere to the gritty villages along the route..

The forecast.. A week of sunshine, and we're heading southwest.

Thanks for following along!

It'd be nice to hear from anyone out there who's enjoying the site.

Buenas noches!

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