Friday, 18 November 2016

Stage 9 | to a beach near Lavra

Matosinhos, Lavra, north of Porto
Friday 18th Nov, 7:36pm
14°c, high today 18°c
Overcast, sunny spells..

I just had to check to see what day it is! Friday eh.. We are beginning to get lost in time here, the coast has that mesmerising affect. Sitting inside, powerful muffled booming sounds of the sea penetrating thin steel walls - there are mammoth waves just out there..

Today's stop - just north of Porto

Powerful seas right next to our camp

We had a varied drive today. After refuelling we were soon driving through a seemingly endless busy urban area, hectic with cars and busses, people and many sets of traffic lights. Passed a shop selling all kinds of birds, coloured parrots, cockatiels etc with many cages in the street outside the shop.

The route led us on into a rural coastal area. The roads became cobbles and we must have covered 15km on them, at one point stopping to air down the tyres for a smoother ride - a fun drive, rattling and bouncing along.

We've been at this spot since about lunchtime, just been sitting out talking, walking on the beach and throwing the ball for an excited Rio. But in the end there's nothing to do but give in to the booming of the sea, sit back and relax in its timeless embrace.

Thanks for following along!

It'd be nice to hear from anyone out there who's enjoying the site.

Boa noite!

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