Friday, 25 November 2016

Stage 13 & 14 | to Peniche and on to Arruda dos Vinhos

Temp 12°c high was 16°c
Overcast and sunny spells
Distance since Santander: 727 miles/1170km

We rolled into Peniche yesterday after spending a sunny morning in Nazaré - it was going to be difficult to leave, but when clouds began to gather, we got ready to move on..

By the time we had made it to Peniche, it had become quite windy and overcast but we wanted to stop on Peninsua de Peniche for lunch, then set up camp at Supertubos praia before dark. It had become very windy and even with the shelter of the dunes we were in for a rocky night! After running up and down the beach a bit with Rio, I spent some time looking back at my photos from April 2015 when it was like a different place there in the warm sunny springtime.

Today, having moved on to an Aire outside an Intermarché supermarket further inland, we are escaping the wind, and finding things a bit warmer and more sheltered. You can see the view through my back window in the above photo. We're in a quiet corner of the carpark, and have taken advantage of the jet wash facilities to give the vans a good clean and blast away all the sand and dirt from underneath as well.

We've been having a bit of a pizza party this evening, and a reminisce on the trip, as tomorrow I'll be off to meet Jimmy from Globetoyoter, on the west Alantejo coast, and Rab is heading off east to seek out more sunshine on Spain's mediterranean coast, and hook up with some friends there. Its been an amazing couple of weeks travelling together, and we'll be sure to cross paths again at some point this winter. Safe travels buddy!

I've been getting plenty of energy on this trip, both from my solar set up, and from alternator charging on the daily journeys, so there have been no issues there. I now have 220 watts of solar panels, and 330ah of 12volt power, which is more than enough to run all my systems, including my new compressor fridge. However, being November and the sun lower in the sky, I've been experimenting with tilting my solar panels when parked up to maximise the amps produced. This isn't really necessary, but its worth setting up, as soon I'll be stopping for days at a time in certain places on the south coast. There I'll be relying completely on the solar panels for power, even when its cloudy - best to get the most out of them I can. The forecast for down south is looking good though!

Hi to all following the updates, and thanks for all your messages..

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or drop me a line through the contact page.

I hope you're having a good evening wherever you are!

Bye for now!

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