Friday, 4 November 2016

Van life log

Friday 4th Nov 2016, 6:50pm
Location: Portishead, Bristol
Temp, high 12°, currently 7°

Currently parked up for the night at the seafront near Battery Point, here in Portishead. I stayed in the same spot back in 2015 on my way back from Portugal. I'm not sure if Rio remembers it, but he's enjoyed a good walk along the shore after today's drive.

Rio sleeping on the way

Take a look at my, 'Where am I now' map to the right of the page (if you're on a PC or tablet). I'm updating it via Tripline to show all our stopovers on this trip. You can see there have been a few already - Aviemore, and Mosedsle near Penrith the first two nights.

Our camp at Mosedale

We had a shorter trip today having stayed by Cannock Chase near Stafford last night, although the M6 has been very congested and busy, a shock to the system after months in a small highland community. Tonight I can hear fireworks out, it's 5th November weekend in England.

Though it's cold and dark out, I'm enjoying having digital radio and TV again, neither of which worked up in the highlands - it's a bit of a novelty after so many months. Plenty of pre-US election stuff on; the fact that the election is the night of my ferry crossing will add an extra something to the whole experience I'm sure. Only a few days left to go - it's hard to believe I'm in my way after two years planning this!

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