Friday, 23 December 2016

South West Portugal / Algarve Update

"From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached." Kafka

South West Algarve Region
3:40pm, temp, 20°c in shade
Clear Blue Skies..

Hi all,

I've been down in the Algarve now for a few weeks. This area has been me first 'destination', if you could call it that. By that I mean it's an area I like to settle in for a while, establish a few great places to stay, meet a few people and socialise a bit, maybe even get into a kind of routine for a while.
It's the south west corner of Europe here, the scenery is beautiful, the weather can be and has been fantastic, the atmosphere is laid back, there are plenty of like minded souls about, and the cost of living from my van is low here too. Hard to beat really.

Out walking with Rio in the woods

I'm writing this from my mountainside camp. I'm lying out on my camper mattress in the sun. It's hot! perfect seasonal holiday weather! I'm in quite a remote spot here and all I can hear is the occasional breeze in the trees, the hum of bees, and of wind turbines close by. There are actually butterflies too, and flowers blooming. A good spot. No one else about.

Riding the wave at Praia do Zavial

Over the past few weeks I've spent time alone and time with new friends. I've camped on cliff-tops, and by beaches. I bought a shorty wet-suit, and been swimming in the sea. I've cooked meals outside and had beers in the sun with friends. I've sat meditation at the local Zen Dojo. I've hung out with surfers on the beach. I've taken long coastal walks with Rio. Great times!

A shepherd walking with his cattle, goats, sheep, and four dogs

I'm going to stay here awhile and enjoy it all before deciding wether to journey on further, but with the weather as it is, it's easy to just stay on at the same camp until I need some groceries or water. The fridge is wonderful, and I can keep veg and meat fresh for ages. So it's best to stock up as nothing is wasted. My batteries always end the day on full-power with all the sunshine here - new batteries before the trip was a good investment too as my originals were five years old. I've taken to filling up 65 litres of water too, when I fill up, then it lasts ages - I must note the date next time.

Exploring the southern coast

Good times here for Rio and me for sure. Having lots of great ideas for the future too. Who knows what will happen! I'd like to wish all my family, friends, fellow travellers, and online followers seasons greetings, and a happy Christmas to you all!

Thanks for following along!

I'll post another update in a couple of weeks - it's more important to live it..

Boa tarde!


  1. Hi Chris , I've been catching up on your blog, loving the pics, enjoy Xmas in the sun mate,spare a thought for us back in rainy Belfast ��, trev p.s happy tomorrow hope Rio got you cake

  2. Just found your blog after Googling wild camping in Portugal. It's a great read and you've helped me to make a decision about my next winter away. We've rented an apartment in Spain for the last two winters and I think we'll tour the south of Spain and Portugal, camping in our van for 2017/18. Good luck and happy travels