Friday, 2 December 2016

Stage 18 | coastal track to Praia dos Aivados

7:50am, Praia dos Aivados
Temp, 12°c, high yesterday 20°c, low 10°c
Clear with wall to wall sunshine

A return to some excellent weather yesterday..

We decided to follow the coastal tracks south and look for another beachside camp. It turns out that after some really fun off-roading we have only come 2.5km to the beach we're now staying at. It's becoming a feature of this trip - if we find a good place by lunchtime, and the weather is nice, then why not just stay and sit out all afternoon?

Jimmy on the way..

Morning coffee time.. It looks like we're in for another good day!

I don't feel like going anywhere else right now - we will see what the day brings..

Have a great Friday wherever you are!

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