Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Stage 19 & 20 | to Odeceixe and Aljezur

3:35pm, Praia da Amoreira, Aljezur
Temp 20°c, Sunny/Clouds
So many things have been happening in the past few days..

Odeceixe village viewed from our camp at dusk..
..that I can only share a few highlights. As Jimmy set off again for a number of days I found myself alone at the beachside camp, but not for long. I was soon in the company of some surfers who showed up the next morning, and due to the weather spent most a of the morning with them. João was from Peniche and a native of Portugal, so I was able to learn a lot more about the Portuguese perspective on many things as well as brush up on my pronunciation of certain words. I missed the opportunity to go surfing that afternoon as the sea had become very choppy and the sort was not so good. The next morning I set off South again and first headed for the lighthouse of Cabo Sardão, where I drove along some cliff side tracks, but flooding turned me inland again as the roads were collapsing in places due to the rain.

Sheer drops on cliff side tracks near Cabo Sardão

Storks choose the most unbelievable locations to build their nests. This was the most amazing yet. Cliffs at Cabo Sardão.

Not far on from here I drove through Jambujeira do Mar to take a look and on the way through, picked up a Hitchhiker called Moritz from Germany. He had no urgent plans and ended up coming with me to Odeceixe and pitching his tent down by the river estuary. Here we also bumped into Anita & Rick again in their yellow VW. We have ended up in the same spot a few times already, so it was no surprise to see them again. We all spent a pleasant evening by the river and beach and took a walk along the shore with Rio.

By the river at Odeceixe- there's that yellow VW again!

The scene by night..

Today I've driven south to Aljezur, dropped Moritz off and collected some shopping, before heading out to the shore again at Praia da Amoreira, another place I last visited in Spring 2015. Again today it's been a lovely afternoon, getting up to 21° at one point, amazing. I was the only campervan here for a while 'til, yes, along comes the yellow VW again! With Jimmy arriving later, I won't be short of company this evening.

You never know what is around the next corner..

Every day truly a new one!

More coming soon..

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