Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Castaway | The Beachmonk Life | Murcia coast | La Union

high 20°, low 8°
Bright Sunshine
Altitude: 5m
Distance covered: 1973 miles

Fantastic location this.. I'm sitting in the sun, listening to the sea, while some kind of Spanish fighter jet - looks like it's a private one for sheer joyrides - circles overhead in roller coaster fashion against the azure backdrop of the Mediterranean seascape.

From where I'm camping, where the breeze expresses itself in the dancing of the bamboo, one may set off on the exhilarating cliff walk in my video. Each summit or bend in the rock face gave way to a new and unexpected sight, as well as perhaps a step back into the history of this coastline.

The sea itself is a meditation, inviting an absorption into its rhythms - you may even be lucky enough to join for the chorus! It's easy in this environment to pass many hours or days in this state. Searching for words to describe it may be the tunnel back into the temporal state we normally inhabit. The world beyond has its own ways, cultures, traditions, but the sea lets us join it in eternity..

Thanks for following along! Check my tripline map to find me.

Get in touch if you're in the area..

Have a good seasonal break.


  1. I used to see your van kicking about east Belfast. It's much nicer where you are at the minute! Good luck.

  2. Hola, yo tengo una hiace como la tuya, vivo en Alicante, espero que estés disfrutando mucho de las playas, si sigues por España te puedo indicar sitios buenos por la costa, sin más un saludo, espero tus noticias

  3. Perdona tengo una hiace ( no una mujer)

  4. Gracias, I am in Cabo de Gata park currently some social times so I get distracted from writing and don't share the personal details. I will make some more posts soon!

  5. Para hacer un poco de offroad visita cala enmedio, un saludo

  6. gracias amigo, verificare el mapa 👍🏻