Thursday, 14 December 2017

Into the Mountains | Inland from Benidorm | Alicanté coast, Spain

4:49pm Thursday,
high 20°, low 7°
Bright Sunshine
Altitude: 2m
Distance covered: 1890 miles (Since leaving Gairloch, Scotland)

I'm now sitting on a beach at Alicanté reflecting on the previous day's mountain adventure. It was time to move on from our million dollar beachfront location at Benidorm resort, and find another type of solace in the hills not far inland from all the activity of the city..

Under an hours drive should have us high in a mountain retreat.. We set off.. The roads got ever steeper and increasingly narrower, as the surface deteriorated under our tyres. Passing through a mountain village, the Hiace barely scraped through between the buildings as we rounded one corner - I was glad to be driving a relatively small vehicle.

The final exhilarating climb was aided by putting the van into low range gears in 2WD to avoid strain on the drive-train on the steep ascent. This found us reaching 'Font del Partagat' a watering place high in the mountains. The hike in the video, as well as others, set out from here. It was also a fantastic place to camp for the night, though I thought it might have gotten chilly. Although there were pretty strong winds as the sun set, and then rose again in the morning, I awoke to a comfortable 10°c.

Now, while I relax and reflect on it all, Rio can play here on The Doggy Beach..

This is a great spot on the coast at Alicanté with huge expanses of hard surface and sand to park on, so plenty of space and peace to relax.

Lots more to come on our Spanish Caravan.. cue The Doors! 🎶 So come back and see what happens next. I'm sure there are many more unexpected events ahead. I feel blessed to be living such a life of freedom.

Any thoughts? Do share them with us!

See you soon,

Chris n Rio🐾

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