Sunday, 24 March 2019

Journey North 4 - to Medinaceli | España 2019

Following the GU999 in the sunshine along the edge of the embalse..
This drive rivals the Scottish Highlands!

Travel log for today..

Today's route.. 
The area to the east, I drove through back in November..

Parked up in the hilltop town of Medinaceli..
The hard standing area is being resurfaced, so the grasslands are open to Autocaravans!
This town really welcomes travellers and they have a free parking area set aside..

The view in the evening..
Rio enjoyed playing on the grass where were parked..
As it got dark the kms of wind turbines on the distant ridge had a wave of 
coloured lights that travel along them, reminiscent of led light strips! 
Lovely to watch as the stars come out..

See you all soon! 👋🏻
More info on the town can be found here:

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