Saturday, 30 March 2019

Journey North 7/8 - to Burgos, to Embalse del Ebro | España 2019

A hidden spot on the banks of the Embalse,
it was fun getting down here!
A couple more days of an epic winter in Spain..

N-234 from Cañón del Río Lobos to Burgos

The beautiful N623 route from Burgos up the the Embalse..
not far from Santander now..

Sections of the original N-623 exist as picnic areas,
with the old road markers as a nice feature..

Rock formations and caves capture my attention as I pass through a village..

The view from a steep winding section..
I made it up in third gear!

We found our way into this woodland beside the Embalse..
Very happy to discover an amazing spot near the end of the trip!
I've noted the GPS - 4x4 only mind.

Looking up from the waters edge to another 'home' in nature..
Where will we be living tomorrow?

I know I always go on about how amazing these journeys are,
how beautiful the scenery is, and how lovely the climate.
This really is no exaggeration, my winters in Spain are consistent 
in this regard every time without fail. I'll soon be returning to the UK
for a summer of work, so I'm really breathing in this environment before
coming back. I am simply not used to rain and damp conditions, but no
doubt I'll be coming back just as things are becoming more settled again.
Here's hoping I can bring the sunshine back with me like last summer 👌🏻

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