Friday, 17 November 2017

Cabárceno Elephant Park, Cantabria, Espania

2:24pm Friday,
high 18°, low 8°
Hazy sunshine
Distance covered: 1052 miles
3 weeks on the road

I'm sitting relaxing at the top of a grassy bank, wearing shorts now, overlooking the elephant park at Cabárceno close to Penagos.

Our second day here, I've decided to take it easy a day or two, enjoy a bit of sunshine, and spring clean the van. Seasons get mixed up when the winter is the summer.

The 24 hour crossing from Portsmouth seemed unexpectedly short. In no time I was driving off the ferry in Santander, as dusk fell, having just enjoyed sunset over the port as the ship was coming in to dock.

I've been told about this place many times as a great stopping point close to the ferry port but this is the first time I've come myself. It's a free motorhome parking area with water etc, right next to the elephant enclosure of a safari park.

The parking itself is by a lake, which shimmers as the morning sun breaks through the mist, and a few minutes walk away you're looking out over the Serengeti - a herd of elephants, buffalo and gazelle, a watering hole, and strange formations of rock. Cable cars slowly cross this wilderness up into the rocky hills opposite.

The place I'm sitting now is five minutes by bike on the other side of the park, South facing, and with views of distant snow capped peaks. It's a peaceful place just Rio and myself over here - great place to relax and dream of the travels ahead..

Thanks for following along!

Get in touch if you're passing through.

Have a good one!


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