Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Into England | winter 2017

7.09am Wednesday,
high 10°, low 8°c
Leck Fell, Yorkshire moors
Fog and wind
Distance covered: 419 miles

It is 7:09am and Rio has just managed to shoehorn me out of bed, first by using his snout to gradually turn my head on the pillow, then, when that was reasonably successful, to raise my shoulder a few inches off the bed with his hind quarters, using his powerful but short back legs like a trolley jack..

It must be time to put on the strong coffee, and throw the well chewed, stuffed squirrel around in the van, while I wait for the kettle to boil.. Outside, on the moor, its still a foggy whiteout, and has been since our arrival here yesterday afternoon. I was expecting a few trees maybe, but all I can see is boggy moors and the occasional collapsing stone wall. A great spot to sleep on Halloween night! but I wanted a quiet stopover after a few hours on the M6 and this has been perfect and not too cold either.

I've been picking up FM radio stations from all over, including Manx Radio, Radio Cymru, and even RTE from Ireland and there's a 4G internet signal so I've been able to catch up on my banking and admin.

The previous night, we stopped over by Lanark just south of Glasgow, happily finding a huge and undisturbed space to stay, with lots of room for chasing a tennis ball around for Rio. Beautiful autumn colours are in full display and the moment and crisp leaves underfoot while out walking.

Already on our journey time is taking on a new shape, and I've had to check which day it is to stay on schedule for a few meetings enroute. Enjoying the sense of freedom immensely!

Check my map and get in touch if you're in the area.

Have a good one!

Location:Carnforth,United Kingdom

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  1. Well, the migration south is underway... And it looks like Rio is eager to get back to the sun!