Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Ready to Roll | Santander coast

11:44am Tuesday,
high 20°, low 5°
Bright sunshine
Distance covered: 1115 miles

I'm sitting enjoy a coffee in the sunshine this morning, planning today's route. We'll be heading south east through a mountainous area - it looks like there'll be lots to take in on the way!

I've spent the weekend around the north coast & Santander as I decided to meet up with friends who were arriving on the Monday ferry, for a night, before continuing on my way. A great few days to relax, organise things a bit and settle into Spain before starting one journey.

We've taken in some of the coastal parks and beaches along the north with their stunning vistas - the Picos de Europa mountain range an ever present dramatic backdrop to the crashing waves and dusty trails. You may have seen a few photos and a video on the Facebook page.

Then I was in Santander for a morning cycling around - a great way to take in the city and then get a few supplies, as well as £1 per litre diesel for the road. I parked at a suburban shopping centre and then took a route through the university area, about 2 miles, cycling, then steeply down into the centre.

The first travel coincidence - I stood right next to the Pont Avon docking - the ship my friends were aboard! The journey uphill to the street if left the Hiace was made simple by Santanders system of moving walkways - no pushing the bike uphill!

Thanks for following along!

Get in touch if you're in the area..

Have a good one!


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