Thursday, 17 January 2019

Cabo de Tiñoso | Onwards to Cartagena | Espania 2019

The views here rival those anywhere 😲

Captains log, 10/01/19

Glen Dogharty in Scotland comes to mind..

Stopping for a look from a viewpoint and dog break! 🐕

It was a steep and windey road in, often locked in 2nd gear..

Rio enjoys the view, excited as to where we may stop next!

We begin to descend to the Cabo..

Our evening view..

Great Wall of..

The guns are massive..

Ships to look out for! 👀 

I was amazed at the sunset from this vantage point..

It’s impossible to see the scale but they are big..

It’s amazing to be back on the road after many good times around Alicante. I made some new friends and will see them again. Also really enjoyed my birthday and seeing in the new year. This new place is perfect for a few days of reflection on the year past, and on opening up to new experiences that lay ahead.. thanks to everyone I’ve met for your good company and friendship.. don’t forget, you don’t need to wait for the new year - every day you are reborn, every day is a good day! 

There is more information on this location here: info

Chris & Rio
🚐 💭 

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