Saturday, 5 January 2019

DT in Spain | Espania 2019

DT taking in the view from the cliff-tops, Calblanque Natural Park, Cartagena..

Starting to forget what day it is.. again!

More diary pages from the ‘Captains Log’

Hiking up to the 'launch site' with the para-gliders..

We watched the pilots for what seemed like hours..

DT and Rio in their own wee worlds..

We were parked far below..

DT meets Bob and the brand new 
‘Purple People Eater’
(Bob spends his summers in Fortwilliam in the Scottish Highlands)

“Let’s stop for a bit..”

DT at the ‘Castaway’ hut at Playa del Calblanque 

She’s not a bad cook really.. 🤔

The famous Toyota toe nails! 😏

We are having a lovely ‘holiday’ within a holiday..

DT doesn’t take up much room in the Hiace and Rio doesn’t mind being number three for a week 😄🐺

What a way to start 2019, have fun!

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