Sunday, 13 January 2019

Trekking at Cabo de Tiñoso | Espania 2019

Rio explores the ridge.. If it looks good, we always go and check it out.. 👌🏻
HH’s diary updates this weekend..

A Hiace Camp.. tucked out of the breeze, and south facing 😎👌🏻

A sentry box overlooks the safe harbour.. a strategic point for centuries.

A bit of scrambling along the cliffs..

The air is cool and thick with the atmosphere of history..

The magazines for the storage of cannon shells.. It's dark and creepy inside.

Time to bring out the ‘Big Guns!’

The seaward side is ripped up by shell craters.. this place has seen heavy bombardment..

The path winds down below the fortifications.. so many route to explore on the cabo.

An imposing fortress is our home this week.. 😉

The fearless wee lad is my route finder, always reaching easily the best viewpoints..

"What's the rush son, we have all day?"

A remote cave on the shore, what better place for lunch and a beer.. I come prepared!

I assembled a simple camp from articles washed up on the pebbly beach..
I love to sit in a sunny spot in a remote timeless place and let the ambience communicate..

Not a soul to be seen down here, its a long drive out to the cape, and the few that come here spend their time exploring the battlements and history of the defences above. I don't blame them, having spend two days doing the same. Today though, we descend the long and winding route to the shores below. The benefits of being a van traveller, and with time on my hands and no fixed schedule, I can discover places like this and if I like it, stay as long as I want, until it begins to feel like home, and I am a part of the rocks, breeze and ever sparkling ocean below.

Meanwhile, back at the van, this note lets any new arrival know to respect my time here when I return in the evening.. The last few weeks have been very social, so I'm on retreat. Time to sit in silence, read, feel the warmth of the sun, and do some writing..

Have a wonderful Sunday friends, wherever you are!

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