Monday, 6 May 2013

Ballyhornan Rock Fishing

This afternoon I headed on from Reagh Island, on along the coast via Killinchy, Killyleagh, and Strangford, down to Ballyhornan. I went to bed for a couple if hours (night shifts taking their toll), then got up at 5pm, swung open the rear door and took a look at the view..

View through the back door.

I put on some music, current fav, Soma FM, Groove Salad, and started cooking dinner. Chicken thighs and Thai curry..

I have the fridge working well now on propane after a DIY service and its amazing being able to stock up on fresh foods, and have ice cold drinks always ready.

After dinner I got my fishing gear together and set off along the coast to find a good spot. It was a beautiful evening but there was a breeze coming off the sea which was churning up waves and a swell. I'd have to find the most sheltered spot.

I walked about 1/2 hour along the coast and could see the Mourne Mountains on the horizon. I clambered down the rocks to this place..

I fished at a few different locations all evening and tried out different lures, but the guppys weren't biting tonight :-/ Still the walk was refreshing and views stunning - it'll help get me in better shape for the Scotland trip next month.

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