Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More North Coast N Ireland wild camping..

Yesterday we had a great time again on the north coast. After visiting the Giants Causeway, and checking out the new visitors centre which is mostly submerged into the hillside, we had excellent fish 'n chips in Portstewart for a late lunch.

The Song Remains the Same? (The well known Led Zeppelin album cover was made here)

Mid-afternoon we headed up to Downhill and Benone strand. After driving around on the beach for a while we parked up and spent the afternoon chilling out. There was big surf and a number of surfers enjoying the waves and spray.

We relaxed there until the tide came in too far and fast to stay on the beach much longer. A few cars got stuck as they were driven up onto the softer sand to escape the tide.

Parked on Benone Strand

Having abandoned the idea of staying overnight on the strand, we set of in the direction of Magilligan point to find a place to camp. It's a peninsula jutting out into Lough Foyle that ends close enough to Donegal for a small port to ferry cars to the other side.

To reach the point entails driving past a huge prison, and an Army base & firing range, with red flags blowing in the breeze. At the end there is an old sea defence tower and 'The Point Bar' - so lots to experience.

There are a few suitable wild camping spots on the left, a bit before reaching the ferry terminal, but we chose to stay next to the terminal, go for a pint, then cook dinner with this sunset as our view; another amazingly memorable day:

Do you have any favourite wild camping spots in Scotland you could share with me? Whats your most memorable camping memory? Do share below.

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