Thursday, 9 May 2013

Launch of the new site

I worked most of the day on preparing this new website, and moving all my posts over from the old one for continuity. After my last night shift I parked up in a great spot with free wifi and lay down to work on my laptop.

It rained all day yesterday and today, so it was great to have a project to work on. I got so into it that I didn't catch up on sleep, so I'm really tired now. I think the new site looks great and as the last day of work and my trip draws ever closer its a good way to collect my thoughts and focus my mind on the days ahead.

This evening I went for a shower at the gym, I really enjoyed it, and then cooked dinner and tidyed up the van a bit. later i visited friends. I'm now camped out outside my friends house for the night, looking forward to a long lie in.

Take care..

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